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Volunteer, Fall, 2020 - Crestwood P.E. teacher named 2021 Missouri Teacher of the Year. Clayton District celebrates end of 2019-2020 year with parade.  Clayton appoints new director of equity and inclusion.  Rockwood administrators and staff make Read Aloud videos for students.  

Parent Link, August 2020 - Kirkwood alum parlays early business acumen into successful restaurant empire, VICC: Still caring for students in the time of COVID-19, 2020 Outstanding Graduates.

Parent Link, February 2020 - TV sports reporter Ahmad Hicks got a career boost at Kirkwood High. Spotlight on Dani Taylor: A leader among students.  Versatile Clayton fourth-grader runs business while considering career options.

Volunteer, Fall, 2019 - Today's Desegregation: Not Your Father's Busing. Conscious & Unconscious Bias and its Impact on Education. Versatile Clayton fourth-grader starts business, considers career o9ptions.

Parent Link, August 2019 - VICC alum follows in mother's and teachers' footsteps.  2019 Outstanding Graduates.  

Parent Link, April 2019 - Outstanding 2017 VICC grad to teach English in Uganda this summer.  McGrath VICC students garner honors for hard work and dedication.  Earl Byrd hits his mark in Kirkwood theater and academics.

Volunteer, Winter 2019 - Rockwood eighth-graders de-stress with yoga.  'Hi'-Five: Middle-schooler gains TV notice with morning greeting ritual.  St. Louis City vs. County Schools: Lessons in inequality (and life).  Read Like Me: Rockwood reading program features books reflecting culture of students of color.  

Parent Link, December 2018 - Rockwood reading program features books reflecting culture of students of color.  Mark Twain fifth graders lead student-run dance club.  St. Louis city vs. county schools: Lessons in inequality (and life.)  Congo refugee conquers English and cultural shock, wins hearts at Hancock Place.

Volunteer, Fall, 2018 - Kirkwood High School alumna returns as innovation administrator.  The State of Integration in St. Louis.  Classroom to Career Pipeline: St. Louis CAPS prepares students for careers in four industries.

Parent Link, August 2018 - Diligent Clayton senior makes deep impression on the school community.  Kirkwood junior succeeds in field hockey and academics. 2018-2019 school starting dates.  2018 Outstanding Graduates!

Parent Link, April 2018 - Affton seniors prepare for healthcare careers at St. Louis CAPS.  Extended family holds strong commitment to VICC and Rockwood district.  News from your transportation department.  Hancock Place high school offers online summer school program.

Volunteer, Winter 2018 - Childhood friends from early VICC program are together again at Hancock Place.  Cultivating an inclusive environment to help students of color thrive.  Kirkwood PE teacher relished VICC's influence on his life.

Parent Link, December 2017 - Rockwood students get college previews, workplace experience.  Former VICC students return as teachers. Kirkwood graduate wins Princeton prize.  VICC program featured in education podcast.

Volunteer, Fall 2017 - Rockwood students get summer workplace experience.  Valley Park student signs to Central Methodist University. 

Parent Link, August, 2017 - Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience Graduates Its First Class!  2017 Outstanding Graduates.  Transportation Information.

Podcast - On March 21, 2017 David Glaser and Sarah Diem recorded a podcast about the VICC program.  Sarah is an Associate Professor at the University of Missouri and an Equity Fellow with the Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center.  Sarah and her team put together the podcast and we believe it paints an accurate and thorough picture of the history of the VICC program as well as VICC's plans for the future.  Here is a link to the podcast and related transcript which was just recently completed

Volunteer, Spring 2017 - Students conduct dialogue about Race and Culture in popular after-school club.  Antionette Morgan-Cousins inducted into Affton Hall of Fame.  Transportation team members garner recognition from three districts.  VICC graduates receive Parkway Spirit of Excellence awards.

Volunteer, Winter 2017 - African-American male mentoring program formed by student continues long after his graduation.  Three graduates spotlighted for serving their community.  Former student writes letter of thanks 30 years later.

Parent Link, December 2016 - "Champion" from Brentwood schools heads to top-ranked Wash U. City manager's leadership influenced by former Mehlville administrators.  

VICC Board News Release: the VICC governing board voted to wind down the program following the 2018-2019 school year.  New students may continue to enroll through 2024 and once enrolled, students may continue in the program through high school graduation if they wish.  Students who are currently enrolled may also continue attending their school through graduation. FAQ and History of VICC Program

Volunteer, Fall 2016 - Area students work on becoming leaders in fostering an inclusive community.  

Parent Link, August 2016 - Former Rockwood students author book for pupils on how to be "Gritty."  Outstanding graduates!

Volunteer, Spring 2016 - Eureka students come together to support one another.  Friend's admiration fuels student's desire to soar.

Parent Link, April 2016 - Nationally recognized St. Louis educator models strategy after Lindbergh faculty.  Occupational therapist's giving attitude inspired by Hancock teacher.  Rockwood education steers student toward teaching.

Volunteer, Winter 2016 - Book club gives students place to belong and forum for enlightenment.  Program for VICC participants run by west county mom provides experiences to impact success.

Volunteer, Fall 2015 - Before-school math program results in better MAP scores.  Rockwood education opens student's eyes to possibilities.  Student credits Clayton with putting him 'in the best position to succeed."

Parent Link, July 2015 - Former VICC student, now teacher, shares insight with city parents.  Teacher's passion unmistakable committed to helping students flourish as she did.  Outstanding graduates!

Volunteer, Spring 2015 - Jet pilot fueled by "can do" attitude acquired in Lindbergh district.  Health professional credits former Kirkwood teacher with his positive development.

Volunteer, Winter 2015  - Find out about an empowerment program in Rockwood for female African-American students, as well as a play based on the Clayton VICC program starring former VICC students.

Parent Link, November 2014 - Take a few minutes to "meet" a special friend and impressive mom.

Volunteer, Fall 2014 - Spotlighted here is a school district administrator whose experiences in the VICC program molded her and influenced her leadership practices.  You'll also "meet" a young man who is on his way to becoming a published poet, thanks to the education and support he received in the Rockwood district.  Finally, you'll learn about the outreach efforts of some districts as they work to build relationships with their VICC families.

Parent Link, July 2014 - This issue profiles our 2014 outstanding graduates, one for each participating county district.  You'll be impressed with their accomplishments and plans for the future.  You'll also find articles on two students whose interests and needs were met by their county schools.  They have some good advice for other students. 

Parent Link, April 2014 - Lewis twins well served by Rockwood education now pass along lessons learned.  Former student shares positive memories of education.  Two students honored for heroism.

Still Fulfilling the Dream - 50th Anniversary Brown Decision

Parent Link, July 2013 - Mom works for "Greater Good" at Meramec school.  Benefit of school involvement.  Outstanding graduates!

Volunteer, Spring 2013 - Rockwood students learn life lessons through chess.  Bus driver makes commute fun.  Pattonville senior serves as role model.

Parent Link, April 2013 - Getting into college 101.  Former VICC student advises young people on college admission.  Advice on bullying.  

Volunteer, Winter, 2013 – The VICC transportation office focuses on making student commutes smoother and safer. Hancock Place Elementary recognizes a driver who reinforces the school’s model for positive behavior. Much is gained when staff at Rockwood’s Kellison Elementary ride bus home with students. A Rockwood graduate shares how his county education helped shape him as a community leader.

VICC Board Extends Enrollment of New Transfer Students - The Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation (VICC) unanimously approved a five-year extension period to continue to enroll new students into the program when its Board of Directors met in special session at 11:30 a.m. Friday, October 19, in the Spellman Center, Leadership Center Conference Room at Lindenwood University in St. Charles.

Districts expecting to continue to accept new students under the new enrollment extension...

Parent Link, December 2012 – A Rockwood grad finds his niche working to improve lives at the Matthews-Dickey Boys’ & Girls’ Club. A father and son serve as role models, helping to steer young people in a positive direction and credit their experiences in St. Louis County schools.  Also check out important things to remember for transportation in winter weather.

Volunteer, Fall 2012 - Volunteer Fall, 2012 – Michael Liddell reflects on his mother’s legacy which changed education in St. Louis, as he strives to continue her work to “level the playing field” for all students. A Brentwood graduate is inspired by her classmates’ lifestyles and works diligently to obtain the “American dream.” Rockwood’s Department of Educational Equity and Diversity sets out the welcome mat for new transfer families.

Parent Link July 2012 - Discover one mother’s positive outcomes from parental involvement.  Outstanding 2012 graduates from each district are also featured along with important back-to-school information.

Volunteer, Spring 2012 – Learn how new strategies and opportunities are created in all Parkway schools to help students of color advance “higher and further.” Also see how student involvement in planning parent meetings in the Hancock Place district helps increase attendance.

Parent Link April 2012 – Read how a county school education plus a unique construction program helped an entrepreneur thrive and succeed.  Also learn how a school’s Step Team raises the educational bar for students.  And how much sleep does a student need for maximum achievement?

Volunteer, Winter 2012 - Read how character education at Bayless Elementary encourages greater achievement by students. A Eureka High administrator leads staff effort to better meet the needs of African-American students. Scholars Academy scores high with county teens who attend Metro High in the city.

Parent Link November 2011 -Learn how their educations in county schools helped groom students for government leadership positions.  Interests and outlooks broadened in Pattonville, high expectations in Affton and the importance of exposure in Clayton all helped prepare transfer students for elected positions in government.  Actions by the faculty at Marquette High School in Rockwood helped to turn around a student who is now thriving at college.

Volunteer, Fall 2011 - Learn how their county education helped groom students for state leadership positions - High expectations in Affton and exposure to diversity received in Clayton are important to two state legislators.  Read about how a Eureka student transformed herself, thanks to many people who believed in her.  Learn about the workshops VICC counselors make available to schools.

Parent Link July 2011 - A Parkway educator shares tips for helping students achieve and a Parkway transfer family details how communication, high expectations and support help their students fulfill their dreams.  Outstanding 201 graduates from each district are featured along with important back-to school information. 

Volunteer, Spring 2011 – A Rockwood grad’s work inspiring transfer students and their families hold special meaning for her as she recalls her experiences as a transfer student.  One generation follows the next as city parents value what county schools provided for them and they now want for their children.  A Webster Groves transfer student now assists with a peer mentoring program that benefited him as a middle school student.

Parent Link April 2011 - Read about generations of families who have valued the choices they made in the St. Louis Student Transfer Program. Despite challenges, a transfer student thanks her mom for enrolling her, and does the same for her children.  Also read about the rewards a Rockwood transfer student receives thanks to her determination and hard work.

Volunteer, Winter 2011 - Siblings thrive in Parkway, in part because of their parents’ strategies and the leadership example they provide.  VICC parents flock to school event to see their students’ daily routine first-hand.  A Rockwood Summit graduate credits her education as a transfer student with equipping her for her lofty goals.

Parent Link December 2010 - Clayton grad who works for Neighborhood Houses which helps St. Louis families stresses the need for today’s students to have educational options and a desire to excel.  A former VICC students wants what she received in Rockwood for her children and gets involved to ensure their success. A Webster Groves transfer graduate earns multiple college scholarships, but wishes he had done more while in high school.

Volunteer Fall 2010 - VICC counselors serve as valuable resources for schools, helping kids be successful.  Counselors also offer free workshops for schools.  St. Louis public school education – specifically at the Naval Junior ROTC Academy – is a good fit for a county student. Webster Groves student earns multiple college scholarships, but wishes he had pushed himself more.

Parent Link July 2010 - Parkway shapes life of transfer student: Back then and now as a teacher.  Outstanding graduates!

2009 MAP Test Index Analysis

Volunteer, Spring 2010 – Parkway’s SistaKeeper  program molds middle school girls into leaders.  Valley Park bus riders “arrive happy and ready to learn.”  Rockwood bus driver goes above and beyond: Danny Mosby recognized by district.  Long history of celebrating diversity at Clayton’s Captain Elementary School.  Kirkwood’s special programs, staff effort contribute to success of 2009 grads: voluntary transfer students perform especially well.

Parent Link March 2010 - Work of student, parents and school pays off for "Poster Child" for VICC program at Brentwood.  Former Metro High student makes headline news:  Transfer experience shaped his outlook on life.  Mehlville school counselor shares tips on getting into college. VICC study finds that attendance is tied to achievement; another year of attendance gains shown.  Who to call if you need help with your child's success in school.  Additional road improvements could alter some bus routes.

Volunteer Winter 2010 - Stories about Kirkwood High School’s innovative “My Brothers’ Keeper” program for African-American males, how the transfer program experiences of a Parkway graduate (Samantha Elliott Briggs, Ph.D. – Parkway South Class of 1991) shaped her professional career and the latest attendance gains made by transfer students.

07/08 Attendance Analysis

Parent Link November 2009 - Qualities cultivated in Rockwood schools serve working professional well.  Parent involvement pays off.  Marquette student follows mother's lead of getting involved, networking.

Volunteer Fall 2009 - Business camp helps shape students' academic, professional plans.  Webster Groves high takes on the achievement gap.  Students motivated to meet expectations of being a leader.  

Parent Link July 2009 - Former transfer students use school experiences as a model in their careers.  Outstanding graduates!

Volunteer Spring 2009 - Two former VICC students: Partners in life, at work and in putting students first.  Coach helps athletes further their education.  "Wonderful Experience" compels businessman to help alma mater.

Volunteer Winter 2009 - Second generation VICC students derive benefits, just as their parents did.  OASIS volunteer's work with VICC students.  Rockwood mentoring program a "Win-Win Situation."  Virtual school: an educational option for VICC students.

Volunteer Fall 2008 - Parkway program engages VICC students in college planning.  Clayton education exposes student to "so much."  VICC bus fleet earns highway patrol honor.

Parent Link January 2008 - VICC counselors advise parents on significance of test scores.  Highway 40 closing: what parents should know.  Student's career direction shaped by high school classes.


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