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Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation

Mission Statement:
VICC is committed to building relationships, promoting diversity and 
providing choice while enriching lives through quality educational experiences.

Gateway Science Academy Student Lawsuit Press Release

Welcome to the VICC

Providing public school choice for the St. Louis metropolitan area since 1981

The VICC oversees the implementation of the metropolitan area desegregation program, with responsibilities for facilitating transfers of city students to suburban school districts and suburban students to city magnet schools.

Currently about 4,300 city students are transferring to participating suburban school districts and about 140 county students are transferring to magnet schools in the city.

As you browse these pages, you will find more detailed information about the public school choices available in the metropolitan St. Louis area.  We welcome your comments and questions.

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If you share VICC's commitment to school integration, take some time to explore the National Coalition on School Diversity's website!



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