Contact VICC Staff

Located at 7425 Forsyth Blvd., Suite 110, St. Louis, MO 63105   

David Glaser, Chief Executive Officer
(314)721-8422, ext. 3013

Tami Webb, Transportation Manager
(314)721-8657, ext.3031

Rose Cockrell, Director of Placement
(314)721-8422, ext.3022

Cheryl Madkins, County Placement
(314) 721-8422, ext. 3023

Lori Merlo, Magnet School Liaison
(314)721-8422, ext.3012

Counselors are generally assigned by the first letter of the child's last name

    Vickie Williams, Counselor A-C
    (314)721-8422, ext.3011

    Lavern Mitchom, Counselor D-H
    (314)721-8422, ext.3020

    Jennifer Christy, Counselor I-N
    (314)721-8422, ext.3021

    Mildred Scott, Counselor O-R
    (314)721-8422, ext.3027

    Mary Meehan, Counselor S-Z
    (314)721-8422, ext.3016

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