Counseling Services for

        Participating Families

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The VICC Counseling Staff is here for parents and students...

to respond to concerns and/or questions from parents, students, school staff or central office personnel regarding any issue that would interfere with the success of a child in the school setting, such as attendance, disciplinary issues, curriculum, achievement or other concerns
to provide assistance for individual students in successfully working within the school district's policy and procedures
to work with students and their schools to prevent out-of-school suspensions, especially long-term suspensions, and to help with a student's successful re-entry after a long-term suspension
to help parents understand their rights as parents and answer any questions they may have in this regard
to work together with students, families and school staff
to assist families who move outside of their attendance area with transitioning to a school in their proper attendance area

Counselors are generally assigned according to the first letter of the child's last name.  For assistance, contact:

A-C    Vickie Williams, (314) 721-8422, ext. 3011

D-H    Laverne Mitchom, (314) 721-8422, ext. 3020

I-N    Jennifer Christy, (314) 721-8422, ext. 3021

O-R    Mildred Scott, (314) 721-8422, ext. 3027

S-Z    Mary Meehan (314) 721-8422, ext. 3016


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