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Position: Chief Executive Officer, Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation (VICC)   Click for CEO Job Description


The Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corporation (VICC) is seeking an experienced professional to serve as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  VICC is organized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and administers the voluntary student transfer program for St Louis City and County.  This program originally began pursuant to a desegregation order under direct federal court supervision from 1983 through 1999, providing an opportunity for African American students residing in St Louis City to attend a participating St Louis County school district and an opportunity for non-African American students residing in a participating St Louis County school district to attend a magnet school program in St Louis City Public Schools.  Under a Settlement Agreement reached in 1999, this program was then turned over in 1999/2000 to the participating school districts to continue such student transfer opportunities on a voluntary basis for a limited time.  About 2,800 students are currently participating in the transfer program and 2023/24 will be the final year of new student transfers.  Students who are in the program at that time will be able to continue in their chosen districts until graduation (or relocation to an ineligible location).

VICC is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of the superintendents from each participating school district and receives funding from the State of Missouri.  Such funding primarily consists of aid through the normal public school funding mechanisms including the Foundation Formula, Prop C/Sales Taxes and Transportation Aid.  VICC’s current annual budget is about $39 million.  Major VICC functions include:

-         serving as a financial intermediary between these funding sources and participating districts by receiving state funding sources and paying transfer student tuition to districts;

-         providing home-school-home transportation services for transfer students;

-         handling the transfer student application and placement process; and

-         providing counseling support and assistance to participating students, families and districts.

Position Description

The VICC CEO is the top administrator, reports directly to the Board of Directors and is responsible for ensuring the effective and efficient operation of the student transfer program.  The CEO provides leadership to the organization, manages the overall day-to-day operations, supervises a staff of 10 full and part-time employees and prepares materials for/provides recommendations to the Board of Directors which normally meets about 5-6 time per year.  However, the largest and most important aspect of the CEO’s responsibilities is budget development, management and administration.  This includes annual budget development/update, multi-year financial projections, cash flow management/investment, and cost analysis.  Following the last year of new student entrants into the program in 2023/24, the VICC office will begin winding down its operations over the next several years as existing students will be able to remain in their chosen districts until graduation (or relocation to an ineligible location).  Therefore, the CEO position is a part-time position, generally expected to require about 2 days a week.  It may be possible for some of the CEO’s work to be done remotely/through telework.  A more detailed job description can be found here (hyperlink to CEO Job Description).

Essential Qualifications:  

-          Certified Public Accountant OR have completed at least a Master’s Degree in Education, Business or Management – related field from an accredited college or university;

-          at least ten (10) years’ progressive experience in an administrative, executive or management level position, at least five (5) years of which includes budget responsibility for a large organization;

-          Equivalent combinations of experience, degrees and professional certifications may also be considered.


VICC offers a competitive salary commensurate with education and experience.

Anticipated Salary Range: $60,000 to $75,000 (part-time)

Starting Date:  July 1, 2023

Part-time/generally 2 days per week

Posting Date:  January 9, 2023 to January 30, 2023

Application Screening:  January 31, 2023 to February 14, 2023

Candidate Interviews:  February 15, 2023 to February 28, 2023

Anticipated Recommendation to Board of Directors:  April 14, 2023

For questions, please contact Bruce Ellerman, Interim CEO at bellerman@choicecorp.org or 314-721-8422, ext. 3013

To apply for this position please email letter of interest and current resume to Bruce Ellerman, Interim CEO at bellerman@choicecorp.org

VICC is an equal opportunity employer.